• Lorna

On the canal

Today I decided to grab an hour hour away from my Christmas preparations and get outside with my camera. I had no plans, I just wanted to see what was out and about by the canal. The usual ducks and moorhens I asumed would be all I saw, but no, a flash of iridescent blue speeding past was the highlight of the day- a kingfisher. The first one I've ever seen outside a reserve.

I was drawn to the spikey shapes made by the bare branches silhouetted against the grey sky.

As the wind got up it became a bit harder to get focused barnches so I decided to just put more movement into the picture.

Of course true to form here in the north west it started to rain and curtailed my afternoon out, but it left me with a few ideas to work on over the winter.

#canal #rain #silhouette #winter #tree #December

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