Lorna Wilson photographer


After working for 18 years as a microbiology Biomedical Scientist (BMS), in 2007 I decided to change career and become a nature photographer. All my life I have had an interest in nature and photography which I was able to indulge whilst working as a BMS in Malawi. The thrill of watching animals come down to drink at a waterhole, of seeing a herd of elephant crossing the road in front of you, or hearing hippo 'laughing' from the river is endless.

On my return to the UK this experience had made me much more aware of the countryside and the wildlife within it and I found I was at my happiest when I was out enjoying it. With this in mind I decided to leave the world of microbiology and study for a degree in Wildlife Photography at Blackpool and The Fylde College.

I have since graduated and am building a career as a freelance nature photographer. My work focuses on the seasonality and cycles of nature in the UK. British wildlife may not have the scale of the African savannah, but it has just as much beauty and majesty. My work tries to capture this and show people what can be seen on their doorstep.


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My images are also available through Getty Images.